Body Code and Emotion Code for anxiety

Body Code and Emotion Code for anxiety

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Articles, Body Code / Emotion Code

Are you suffering from:

Rapid heart rate. Tightening chest. Throat-clenching panic.

A constant feeling of unease. Insomnia.

Upset stomach, dizziness.

These are some of the symptoms of anxiety and help is available!

Energy healing practices like The Emotion Code and Body Code can help to alleviate anxiety. The Body Code and Emotion Code cover a comprehensive range of energies that could be at the root of your anxiety.

Using muscle testing, Emotion Code/Body Code practitioners are guided by your subconscious mind to gather information. We can release, for example, trapped emotional energies, mental energies, offensive energies such as saboteur energies, trauma, and past life energies.

We can correct misalignments and discordant energies, for example, in organs and meridians (energy channels in the body), and in the chakras.

We can also work on your nervous system, including the vagus nerve, to help you regulate the charge of intense emotions as you move forwards.

We can be guided to anything in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

As Dr Bradley Nelson, founder of The Emotion Code, says: anything can cause anything.

When we release blocks and imbalances with energy healing, it is as though we are unkinking a hose and realigning the body and mind to their natural state of balance, ease and flow.

Body Code/Emotion Code can help you to feel more inner calm and peace. If you are suffering, I always say it is worth a try. If you are a first-time client, you receive your first session at a reduced rate. Visit my bookings page to find out more:

Here is some feedback from people who came to me for help with anxiety:

I hadn’t slept properly for about two months. After my first session with Annabel I slept well and after three sessions, my sleep is now back on track.

I had a very calm and peaceful sleep and have been feeling lighter today.

It made such an amazing difference. I felt immediately lighter in mind, body and spirit.

My sense of wellbeing is improving and I generally feel safer.


Book A Session

Body Code/Emotion Code energy healing sessions are performed worldwide on Zoom, by phone or even by email. You can be on the other side of the world and it will still be as effective.

For more information about energy healing sessions, contact me at:

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