She Is Like A Different Child

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Client Testimonials, Testimonials

My 6-year-old daughter has faced a lot of traumas in her short life already and understandably this had led to a lot of behavioural / mental health issues over the past couple of years. My wife and I have 4 children between us and the atmosphere in the house was horrendous when my daughter came to stop with us. She seemed to enjoy the conflict that she caused and chose darkness and misery instead of happiness like most children her age.

This made me ill with worry and we tried everything to try and help her and bring happiness into her life, nothing seemed to work.

Whilst looking into ways to help her I came across Dr Bradley Nelson and his Energy Healing Method called the body code. I bought his book and watched a load of his videos and thought to myself that it sounded too good to be true, so I dismissed it.

As my daughter’s behaviour got worse, out of desperation I thought I would look on the body code website and see if I could find anyone local that used this method, it was then that I found Annabel Grey’s details. I rang her the next day and instantly felt a glimmer of hope (something I hadn’t felt in years), she was very empathetic and explained how she could help my daughter’s situation.

After 3 body code sessions my daughter’s behaviour has improved significantly, I have been sceptical all throughout this process as nothing else has worked but now the change is so great that I have real hope now that she is on the right path. She is like a different child, she enjoys spending time and playing games with the rest of the family, she talks more and in general is a much happier child.

I can’t recommend Annabel enough, it’s no exaggeration that she has changed my daughter’s life for the better and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Newcastle, UK

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