Bode Code/Emotion Code for children with anxiety and anger

Bode Code/Emotion Code for children with anxiety and anger

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Articles, Body Code / Emotion Code

Is your child or teenager dealing with anxiety and anger outbursts? Are you a distraught parent, at the end of your tether with your child’s behaviour or emotional state?

If your child and you are suffering, I want to tell you there is hope. I have seen positive transformations in children, sometimes very quickly, after receiving Body Code/Emotion Code sessions.

Children are sensitive to emotional energies. They are naturally empathic, and keenly feel the emotions of those around them.

Children can develop Trapped Emotions from school, family and other situations. Often they are absorbing the emotions and stresses of others and trapping these energies in their own bodies.

These trapped emotions can have an effect on your child’s health and behaviour, on family relationships, and on their performance in school.

Children can also collect energies from situations like a difficult pregnancy or birth, abandonment prior to adoption, family financial difficulties, unhappy parents or caregivers. The list is almost limitless.

Many of us have carried around emotional baggage our entire lives, but our children don’t have to.  Body Code/Emotion Code is a gentle, powerful and non-invasive energy healing practice. A session can be done on the child’s behalf without them even needing to know. If the child is absorbing a lot of energies from parents or siblings, often they need to come for some sessions too!

Here are some testimonials. You can read these in full or find more on my testimonials page:

 ‘After 3 body code sessions my daughter’s behaviour has improved significantly.  She is like a different child, she enjoys spending time and playing games with the rest of the family, she talks more and in general is a much happier child.

‘I can’t recommend Annabel enough, it’s no exaggeration that she has changed my daughter’s life for the better and for that I will be eternally grateful.’

‘Amber has been great the last few weeks, really calm and content. And affectionate too. She’s coped well with a couple of disappointments this week, without getting angry or demanding things her way.’











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Body Code/Emotion Code energy healing sessions are performed worldwide on Zoom, by phone or even by email. You can be on the other side of the world and it will still be as effective.

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