I’m So Happy That You’re Helping Us

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Client Testimonials, Testimonials

Amber has been great the last few weeks, really calm and content. And affectionate too. I am so grateful for the work you’ve done on her and how you’ve helped and supported.

Her last session certainly seemed deep…. I haven’t talked to her yet about the session notes, but she was happy to have it, and drank a big glass of water! She’s coped well with a couple of disappointments this week, without getting angry or demanding things her way.

I’m so happy that you are helping us. I feel the closeness and ease coming back and I’m very grateful.

Thank you Annabel for your care and support and all the thought and energy you put into what you do. It’s a wonderful gift that you have.  I forgot to tell you that the pain I had in my left rib disappeared 2 days after my session with you…thank you.

Tarn Felton, UK

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